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How To Choose A Blogging Niche For Your New Blog

Basically, the specific niche of your blog is the subject of your blog.

While starting a blog is fun, the difficult part of blog writing is sticking to a subject. Most of us who are brand-new to blogging end up covering one subject and afterwards jumping to one more one the following day.

You discuss smartphones today, then you discuss health tomorrow, and afterwards you start talking about politics next week. This kind of setup has its own issue; you will fail to bring in a target market.

For example, ShoutMeLoud is a blog site for blog owners as well as web marketers.

Its particular niche is blogging, affiliate marketing, WordPress, SEO, and so on. I know it sounds like several subjects, however if you look carefully, all are part of the online marketing/blogging/entrepreneurship specific niche.

Similarly, your blog site needs to have a specific niche from day one.

A Couple Of Tips To Pick The Specific Niche Of Your Blog
When picking a particular niche, you need to think about one really important point:

If you’re blogging for profit, you do not intend to select a subject which gets tons of website traffic, but obtains no cash.

Subject like:

  • Free TEXT
  • Free wallpaper
  • WhatsApp pointers
  • Free flick downloads and so on

These niches will certainly obtain you a lot of website traffic, however possibly will not get you very much cash.

At the same time, you don’t wish to select a specific niche which is also hard for you to blog about.

So what’s a good specific niche?

A good specific niche is one which relates to what you like, has good website traffic, as well as likewise has a financial worth. More than that, your specific niche ought to have a future. Why would you make a profession in the apple iphone 7 when the apple iphone 8 will be coming out following year?

Right here are 4 crucial points that you need to take note of when selecting a niche:

  • Your passions.
  • Company worth (CPC).
  • Monthly/yearly searches.
  • Trend & future of the subject.

Currently, let’s take a look at the ideas that will certainly aid you to choose the right niche for yourself. If you have actually already committed to a specific niche that’s not right, or you have actually been blogging concerning multiple points, do not worry, you can always alter your particular niche.

Alright, with this let’s proceed with our guide.

1. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm …

What are the topics that fascinate you? Cricket? Bollywood? Country music? Make a listing of all of the topics that interest you.

Don’t fret about the size of the listing at this stage. It can have 20 different things. It doesn’t matter.

2. Interest or Profit or Both?

” But shouldn’t I be blogging about the hottest subjects? Points that everyone is Googling?”

Hmm …


For example, modern technology is something that people throughout the world are Googling like crazy (No wonder 90% of the top Indian blog sites are technology blog sites owned by nerds from the IT dungeons!).

However you’re a lit grad with zero interest or knowledge in innovation. Should you start a technology blog site even if it’s the hot point?

Certain, if you place in the hours, you’ll be able to find sufficient details on technology to blog site around.

Yet attaining blogging success is a lengthy procedure.

You will obtain 3 visitors daily for the initial 3 months. You’ll be scouring the web for blogs in your niche, reading them (no you can’t fake it), and also attempting to make purposeful talk about them.

Are you sure you’ll be able to do this everyday, consistently, in addition to creating quality content on a topic that’s NOT interesting to you … for one year, 2 years, five years?

The Golden Rule: Do not choose subjects that do not rate of interest you.

3. Competition: Cricket vs. German Guard Hair Treatment

So you have actually obtained your listing of fascinating topics as well as “cricket” tops the checklist.

You eat cricket, sleep cricket, desire cricket.

So should you just go ahead and also start your cricket blog? There’s a tiny problem with that said.

You’ll have a little bit of competition from Cricinfo.com. And Cricketnext.in. As well as OneIndiaCricket.

Okay, so you strike off cricket recognizing the competitive extent of that niche.

Currently what? You go straight to another preferred subject of your own: Looking after the hair of German Guards.

You do a Google search. Yes! There’s no competitors. So can you go ahead and create your blog on the German Guard thing?

Think again.

There’s zero competitors, yet what about the demand?

Will an enough variety of people be Googling it monthly?

The trick is to strike a balance among your interest, the prominent patterns, as well as the level of competitors.

I chose love and also connections as my niche since I was constantly passionate regarding boosting lives via inner advancement. Likewise, no dedicated information-based Indian websites existed in the love-and-relationships niche (astonishing I understand).

Then I made my recommendation much more one-of-a-kind by including areas like totally free therapy, commitments, as well as a “full your romance”.

4. Long-Term Prospective

” Current events” is a location which is clearly really high in popularity. It may likewise be high on your list of interests.

Yet don’t start a blog website called www.USAElection2020.com– something such as this will certainly not hold worth in the lasting.

Pick a subject which is timeless. One way to do this is to blog on evergreen topics (or topics which have a high life span). You need to check out Harsh’s micro-niche blog site study for more information.

You can look the pattern for any type of topic or search term making use of Google Trends.

Below’s an example:

5. Why would individuals pay attention to me?

So now you’ve narrowed down your listing to 3 or 4 topics based on the above standards. Currently you have to think of which of these subjects manages you the capacity to provide something distinct.

It may be:

  • Experience (traveling extensively is the only credentials that you require for a travel blog site).
  • Considerable research studies of a subject at college.
  • Even simply standard writing (personal blog sites in India are very popular).

In my case, it’s a combination of all 3 of these. I had actually already been with a string of incorrect connections when I met an enchanting man that quickly ended up being an abuser, and at some point that connection took me to the edge of not completing my MBA.

This devastating affair was a life-changing experience which made me realize several truths concerning life, as well as exactly how to stop getting involved in incorrect partnerships.

Since then, I have committed myself to assisting people in comparable circumstances by giving them the info, suggestions, and also assistance that I so severely needed in the past yet didn’t find.

Right now, I’m also in the process of getting an appropriate education and learning in psychology to make sure that I’m far better able to help individuals.

So essentially, when you choose your blogging particular niche, find a long-term task that you like covering. Locate a subject which fascinates you. Find something that you love more than anything else.

Blogging is not just regarding sharing understanding, it’s also concerning informing yourself and also advancing your own sense of understanding.


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