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Best WordPress Security Plugins for Website Protection

A security tool on WordPress is essential to help you have a successful business online. But finding the right plug-in into that easy as sometimes it can slow your website. A website plug-in is important as it helps with any security breach for occurring. In this article, we are going to talk about the best plug-in, which will make sure that your website is secured.


This is a free WordPress security plug-in which is an all in one secure platform. It is a widely popular tool as it helps with cleaning up your WordPress site at no additional costs and can help even with a massive malware. It has a firewall which will help you block any attacks from accessing your WordPress account. It has an effective security hardening which can allow keeping track of everything happening in your site. There is a free version of Sucuri and the pro version which is $299/year.


iThemes security pro

This is another security plug-in which is built for backup buddy plug-in. This is a tool which offers an easy to use interface with the help of just brute force. This plug-in has two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security, powerful password enforcement, schedule WordPress backups, lockout any suspicious IP and scans for vulnerability. It has the ability to keep a limit on login attempts and without any firewalls or malware scanners for a malware check.

Jetpack security

This is another popular all in one solution, which is a protection plug-in in Jetpack. This is a well-known plug-in which can allow you to scan your website for security and vulnerabilities. You will receive alerts with the help of mail and can also be detected if your site is down. It can help you against any brute force attackers, spams, harmful malware, etc. This includes website design features which also works as an automated marketing tool. Organised site activities and events dashboards can provide authentication with the help of WordPress accounts. You can find a free version as well as starters version for $9/month.



Wordfence is a free plug-in which has some amazing features which protect your WordPress site without having to spend a lot of time. They have a free to use a method which allows you to have access to as many sites as needed. It also tracks all of the breached passwords which can be used to create any string password immediately. It protects the website from any brute force and can limit the failed login attempts. It runs on its own server which is a cloud-based, so there is a possibility it can slow your site, and it is a free plug-in.

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